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Welcome to the quote of the week page. We're hoping these will whet your appetite and make you want to come back for more. On the other hand, please be aware that you might encounter spoilers on this page (although nothing major!) so if you are a spoiler-avoider you might want to close your eyes....

Someone to Watch Over Me


The photo – a snapshot of me as an infant in my mother’s arms, Dad sitting beside us – is my most prized possession, although I’m fairly certain Dad has no idea I have it. In it, my mother is looking at me, but Dad has eyes only for her, the adoration especially poignant in light of her death a short month later. I had found this, carefully wrapped in tissue paper and stored in a box with other items belonging to my mother, in the attic of our house. I’m not sure how Dad would react if he knew I had taken it. It’s not so much that he wouldn’t want me to have it, but that he’s never fully recovered from my mother’s death. He hides it well, but it left a hole that’s never been filled.

Unnatural Selection​

He reached the yellow crime scene tape, and, knowing full well that it marked the line between a fantastic day and insidious evil, bent beneath it. Tentatively he sniffed the air, wondering even as he did how much riper the airborne vultures found the scents.  Today he was alive. But someone else wasn’t. 

Not On My Watch


Elliott looked out the window and struggled to come to terms with her emotions as the car sped down the highway. After about five minutes she turned to her sister. “The problem is, for the first time in my life, I’m in love. Completely, totally, stupidly, God-I-never-knew-it-could-be-like-this in love.” She sighed and continued, her whispers barely above the sound of the car’s engine, “And the man I’m in love with has already given his heart to someone else.”

Night Watch

Tracey Leigh Watson was the O’Quinn’s nanny. She arrived at their house every workday morning at eight and stayed until Devlin got home from work, usually around four-thirty, unless he was working a difficult case. She took evening classes two nights a week at the local community college. The O’Quinns paid well and she adored Reese. There had been some good-natured teasing from her roommates when she started her job. After all, attractive dads and young nannies were always gossip fodder. And Devlin O’Quinn had been the town’s most eligible bachelor for a long time. Ruggedly handsome with a quick smile and intense smoky green eyes, most of the women in Auburn had fantasized at one time or another about being the one to make him forget the pain of losing his wife. Still, as far as Tracey was concerned, that thought had never crossed her mind. She had grown up at Twin Oaks Farm, the foster child of Devlin’s sister-in-law and her husband, and had always known him as Uncle Devlin. Besides, all anybody had to do was be around Devlin and Elliott a few minutes to know that they were hopelessly in love with each other.


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