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Someone to Watch Over Me

After he left, I paced my apartment for a few minutes and contemplated the possibility of a stalker, trying to think like my father, the cop. But I got nowhere. There was very little evidence that some mysterious person was after me. And there was absolutely no evidence that that person was Joe.

Unnatural Selection

And so his life reached another uneasy balancing act. The Hitchhiker Hitman disappeared again into the hell from which he had crawled and, while the FBI certainly continued to work the case, they did so from their Atlanta offices, returning Devlin to his familiar - and preferred - role of small-town detective.  

Not On My Watch


"Who is this son of a bitch?" His face had settled into anger.

"Devlin," Elliott said. "No."

"But I hate that he did this to you. And to your daughter. Don't protect him. He should be held accountable. He should be punished."

Night Watch

He stared at that snapshot for a long moment. He finally shook himself back to the present. He was still getting used to these unexpected moments of deja vu.