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Welcome to the quote of the week page. We're hoping these will whet your appetite and make you want to come back for more. On the other hand, please be aware that you might encounter spoilers on this page (although nothing major!) so if you are a spoiler-avoider you might want to close your eyes....

Someone to watch over me.jpg
Someone to Watch Over Me


He smiled, slowly, the lines and creases in his face rearranging themselves into a look of sublime sweetness, and I realized, much later, that I had actually gasped. He smelled faintly of soap and grease and I was frozen, lost in his stunning blue eyes. I’m not sure how long I stood there, but it was not until a trickle of melted ice water slipped down the underside of my arm that I jerked my hands away and backed up, my cheeks heating as I turned and fumbled for the paper towels on the counter. 

Someone to watch over me-3.png
Unnatural Selection​

Darleen Whitaker had noticed him the moment he came into the diner where she worked. How could she not? Sure, she had seen her share of men, and some of them even caught her eye. She worked at a diner on the interstate, after all. Most of her customers were men. But this one was different. There was something about him, some sort of unassuming and unconscious confidence, mixed with compassion and intelligence, that set him apart from the usual diner crowd. Not usually attracted to redheads, her stomach did a serious flip when he sat at her counter, ordered breakfast at three in the afternoon and smiled softly at her when she brought his order. There was something in his eyes, an intense, smoky green, that grabbed her by the throat and made her want to reach across the counter and draw him to her. This was a man that carried a lot on his shoulders. A man that needed comfort. A man that knew how to offer it.. 

Someone to watch over me-4.png
Not On My Watch


For the first time he took his eyes off of her as he took the jacket. He pulled the phone out of the pocket and looked at the number. “It’s Jennie,” he said with a frown. He walked a couple of steps away. Elliott smiled at his compact, muscular frame, standing there in just his boxers and black socks. “Hello?”

Someone to watch over me-6.png
Night Watch

He could tell by the look on their faces he had gotten it wrong. His head felt amazingly fuzzy. He wondered what the pain would be like without the medication. He realized he didn’t want to know. He looked from the doctor to Jennie and then cut his eye at the beautiful woman at his elbow, the one Jennie said was named Elliott. Damned odd name for a woman. Still, she was beautiful. A man could get interested in that. If he wasn’t beat up and flat on his back in a hospital bed. Maybe she was his nurse. That would be good. He tried to move his hand. He wanted to run it through his hair. It was what he did, especially when he needed to think. God, he was fogged up.


Echo Chamber Cover Final.png
Echo Chamber


Ordinarily it was something he didn’t do – purposefully touch objects other people had used. Too often it was the source of painful glimpses into their lives. Images that he would rather not have. But today he wanted the images to come. Longed for them. They had to be better than the one burned into his mind this morning. Unfortunately it seemed that his gift had left him. No matter what else he tried to think about, all he could do was replay the scene upstairs. 

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