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BOOKS - The Devlin O'Quinn Mysteries Series

Well-plotted, character-driven mysteries with some serious romance on the side and enough twists to keep you guessing, J C Bodden includes everything you are looking for in a novel. Part of a series, each one is nevertheless designed as a stand-alone book. Enjoy them today in the suggested sequence below:

Someone to watch over me.jpg
Someone To Watch Over Me

(c) 2010 J C Bodden

What happens when the person you trust is the person you shouldn't?


When Jennie O'Quinn leaves her sheltered life with her widowed father to take the job of resident advisor in a campus dorm, she figures that the worst things she'll face are misplaced keys or roommate squabbles. But after she interrupts a brutal attack on a fellow student, Jennie realizes she was wrong about that. Maybe even dead wrong.

Placed in the system after his neglectful mother is murdered, young Joe Haliday first met - and fell in love with - beautiful Jennie O'Quinn during his stint as her aunt's foster child. Now he's working campus maintenance, and the only girl he's ever loved is back in his life. Has his obsession created a killer? Or a savior?


Equal parts romance and thriller, Someone to Watch Over Me alternates between Jennie and Joe's points of view as their lives become irrevocably entangled, knit together by the powerful forces of love and obsession.

Someone to watch over me-3.png
Unnatural Selection

(c) 2019 J C Bodden


Devlin O’Quinn is between a rock and a hard place, and not for the first time in his career. After all, his daughter was kidnapped and nearly killed, just a few short years back. Not much could top that. Ever. Still, this case is a close second. A serial killer. A jealous FBI agent. A beautiful reality TV star. Devlin is losing sleep almost as fast as he is losing weight. It’s hard to decide who has the greater obsession - the killer who is taunting him, leaving him notes at each crime scene, or Devlin himself. Can he stop the madman before he strikes again or has Devlin’s time run out?


The prequel to Not On My Watch, Unnatural Selection explores the relationship between being a good detective and being a good person.

Someone to watch over me-4.png
Not On My Watch

(c) 2012 J C Bodden


For Devlin O'Quinn, newly appointed Chief of Police, the fall from grace came hard and fast. Overnight he's gone from hometown hero to number-one murder suspect. It's a perfect storm of political and personal disasters. Now he must confide the dark secrets of his past to the stunningly beautiful Elliott Kingfisher. Does she hold the key to his future? Or will she prove to be a dangerous - even deadly - distraction?


Picking up three years after Someone to Watch Over Me, Not on My Watch focuses on Jennie's father, Devlin O'Quinn, as he tries to clear his name even as he falls deeply in love.

Someone to watch over me-6.png
Night Watch

(c) 2013 J C Bodden


Devlin O'Quinn has it all - successful career, beautiful wife, loving family, faithful friends. But having it and keeping it are not the same thing, a painful lesson he's being taught once again. Before his life comes completely unraveled, Devlin is forced to sort reality from premonition, memory from deja vu, evidence from distraction.


The sequel to Not On My Watch, Night Watch takes the reader on a roller coaster ride of whirlwind romance and baffling mystery.

BOOKS - The Devlin's Legacy Series

Echo Chamber Cover Final.png
Echo Chamber

(c) 2020 J C Bodden


For Reese O'Quinn, son of local legend Devlin O'Quinn, the move from bestselling author to victim of a sadistic plot was abrupt and shocking. Overnight his personal and professional lives have crashed together as the crimes from his novels are being played out on those he cares about. Someone out there is obsessed with getting his attention in the one way that cannot be ignored. Can the Haliday brothers, his nephews and detectives on the local police force, solve the case? Or must Reese risk revealing his own dark secret in order to stop the killer? 

The focus in the Devlin's Legacy Series is on the grown children of Devlin and Elliott and Jennie and Joe. Follow along as the next generation lives and loves and meets their struggles head on in the only way they know how - Devlin's Legacy.

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