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Devlin O’Quinn is between a rock and a hard place, and not for the first time in his career. After all, his daughter was kidnapped and nearly killed, just a few short years back. Not much could top that. Ever. Still, this case is a close second. A serial killer. A jealous FBI agent. A beautiful reality TV star. Devlin is losing sleep almost as fast as he is losing weight. It’s hard to decide who has the greater obsession - the killer who is taunting him, leaving him notes at each crime scene, or Devlin himself. Can he stop the madman before he strikes again or has Devlin’s time run out?

Unnatural Selection tells us the story of the Hitchhiker Hitman. Falling between Someone to Watch Over Me and Not On My Watch, it is an exciting installation in the Devlin O'Quinn series. You won't want to miss this story!

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