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New series - Devlin's Legacy

Echo Chamber  is the first book in JC's newest series, Devlin's Legacy, which continues the stories of the O'Quinn family. If you've enjoyed the mysteries of Detective Devlin O'Quinn, you're sure to appreciate this newest series, which chronicles the adult lives of Devlin's family. 

Here's a taste:

(Not too heavy on the spoilers, but still, this is a direct quote!)


Ordinarily it was something he didn’t do – purposefully touch objects other people had used. Too often it was the source of painful glimpses into their lives. Images that he would rather not have. But today he wanted the images to come. Longed for them. They had to be better than the one burned into his mind this morning. Unfortunately it seemed that his gift had left him. No matter what else he tried to think about, all he could do was replay the scene upstairs. 

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